Emmanuel Christian Academy is a non-profit school that depends on the support of our ECA community. Committee members play a vital role in helping our school raise the funds and meet the needs that our students have so that every child can prosper.

Fundraising Committee

Primary fundraising events overseen by this committee include our annual “Change Wars” and other annual fundraisers to support specific school activities and technology and program needs. Other fundraising activities include sale of candy and cookie dough. Inquire at the school office to see how you can join the Fundraising Committee!

PTF –Parent Teacher Fellowship

Parents have the opportunity to meet with other parents and teachers to help make ECA an even better place to educate children. Stay informed, get involved and make a difference.

Hot Lunch Committee

The Hot Lunch Committee is instrumental in the support of our lunch program. Parent volunteers schedule and arrange for local restaurants to provide periodic hot lunch menu items to our school body typically twice a month.

Missions Committee

Feed the Need 
The missions committee is integral to the support of local needs in the Kingman area. This committee provides an opportunity for our children to see how our school supports our community as we give where a need has been identified. Donations for missions involves the entire ECA community including staff, students and parents and sets a great example for our students.