Archery Club teaches students respect, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Our “target” is to improve a student’s health, physique, sociability, and focus. The club meets two times a week during the archery season. Students in fourth through eight can participate and complete statewide.


Chess Club develops student’s skills in logic, attention to details, discipline, and collaboration. They meet once a week and participate in city-wide tournaments. Students in fourth through eighth grade are eligible to participate in this club.



Our Student Council is the representative body of Emmanuel Christian Academy. The Student Council members organize social and extracurricular activities and participate in the government of the student body. We have council officers and fourth through eighth-grade students participating as class representatives.



Yearbook Club produces the yearbook/memory book for Emmanuel Christian Academy. Students in fifth through eighth grade participate in this club. Yearbook club members meet once a week after school and spend time throughout the week taking pictures and capturing memories to share with the entire school.


Students grades 5-8 meet every Thursday from unch to plan, learn and perform children’s songs as well as contemporary Christian songs.  These songs are performed during chapel services on Thursday every week.  Led by Alexandra (Lexi) Sheldon, who accompanies on guitar, these students work hard on their music.  God is paving the way for this group as well as their influence to affect others.  “Sing to the Lord.  Give Praise to the Lord”  Jeremiah 20:30a